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Estimation Of Value

Listing your business for sale isn’t always the best choice in certain circumstances. Occasionally, a need arises for an estimation of what your company may be worth for a specific purpose and the high cost of a full appraisal isn’t necessary. These are generally not used for purposes of getting a loan and are not as intensive as a full appraisal.

  • Simply wanting to know what your company is worth for your own edification.
  • An “estimation of value” to be used in relation to estate planning.
  • When partners are contemplating buying one or the other out and you don’t feel you need a full and often very expensive appraisal.
  • If you’re a buyer, and you’re trying to confirm a price you’re paying for a business, second opinions are always a good idea, not just in this context, but in life. We offer an “Opinion of Value” as a service to Buyers who just need to know the price their contemplating is reasonable or maybe not.

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