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Commercial Real Estate Services


Sales and investments are a vital part of the real estate world, and having a qualified and established commercial real estate brokerage is a necessity. What’s more, having a dedicated representative to walk you through this process is beneficial and can lead to maximum profit and less stress for you.

We have your best interests at heart and are willing to go above and beyond for you and your real estate goals. With our expertise specifically in sales and investments, we are here to help you get the most out of your real estate property, all the while making the process smooth and easy, leaving you feeling confident and relaxed.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

Every property has value, and here at Dunes Advisors Inc., we are determined to find it. We pride ourselves on our unique strategic marketing technique to generate the best deal for our clients. We go the extra mile, so you don’t have to.

Our Mission: Ensure every business in our target area is aware of the project and its availability. This means no deal is missed and every opportunity taken.

Our Strategy: Cold calls, mailings, e-mails, brokerage events, and community events, combined with other creative marketing tactics. We treat our clients like family, and family means no one gets left behind.

Commercial Real Estate Investments

Investing should be easy, and that’s exactly what it is when you work with us here at Dunes Advisors Inc. We’re dedicated and ready to assist you with every need when it comes to investing not just your money, but in your future.

What we do: Research on the most current trends, deep dive into market research, and transaction history for all our investors. We offer the best of the best for each property whether purchasing or selling! This means that we guide you through the valuation stage, income goals, and the negotiation process. Let us help you reach your goals!

What you do: Sit back and relax.


Passive Income: Let us invest your funds in commercial real estate that earns you money with little effort.

Tax Breaks: By investing in commercial real estate you can potentially have the advantage of tax breaks and deductions just for owning, operating, and managing property.

Appreciation: Letting us invest in your future now means later when it comes time to sell, your property has increased in worth, meaning maximized profit for you with little effort!

Build Equity and Wealth: As you pay down, you build equity! The more equity you build the more leverage you have to invest in more commercial real estate and increase your own cash flow and wealth!


Dunes Advisors Inc., provides trustworthy and straightforward representation services for both tenants and landlords.

We have years of experience representing tenants and landlords across a wide variety of property types and scenarios. You couldn’t find a better real estate brokerage in Southern California to handle all of your tenant and landlord representation needs.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll get you the tenant or landlord representation services you deserve!

What is Tenant Representation?

A tenant representative is a commercial real estate professional who represents a tenant in site selection and lease negotiations with the tenant’s prospective landlord.

Tenant representation services begin with identifying the tenant’s needs. Once the right space is found, the tenant representative is the liaison between the landlord or the landlord’s representative and the tenant through negotiations, and ultimately signing a lease agreement. The tenant’s representative typically earns their commission by splitting it with the landlord’s representative.

What is Landlord Representation?

A landlord representative is someone who markets the property for sale or for lease on behalf of the owner. The landlord representative is hired to advise ownership on pricing, find a tenant or buyer, and to negotiate the best deal possible for ownership.

What Are the Benefits of Representation?

Finding the Perfect Match
Finding your perfect property or tenant can be a tricky job. Dunes Advisors Inc. representative services are available to help our clients find the best fit for them, like the perfect place to set down roots or the perfect tenant(s) to occupy your property. We get rid of the guesswork and get right down to business, saving our clients time and money.

Having a representative for your commercial real estate property means that communication between landlord and tenant is accessible and easy. The tenant has a point of contact they can reach out to in time of need and the landlord has a trusted and established person ready to answer any question or fix any problem.

Our real estate associates have extensive years of experience under their belts and are ready to help you negotiate, relocate, expand, sublease, and more all at a phone call’s notice. Our representatives here at Dunes Advisors Inc. are ready to assist you with their extensive knowledge on a local and global market scale.

Thinking of Selling?

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