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Consulting Services

For one reason or another, a traditional listing of a business or commercial property may not be a good fit for your specific situation. At Dunes Advisors, we offer custom-tailored services to meet the needs of every client.

Here are a few examples of consulting work we’ve done:

  • Assisting Sellers with preparation for market without listing the business or property
  • Helping partners navigate a split with one buying the other out.
  • If you’re Buyer who needs a second set of eyes on an investment you’re contemplating, we can help.
  • Need an estimation of value for a trust? Just ask!
  • And much more

“Owners, founders, and entrepreneurs, you’ve come to the right place! Dunes Advisors Business Brokers is the premiere business brokerage in Southern California. Why?.

  • We expertly evaluate and prepare your business for sale. Our job is to highlight its Evalue and opportunities for potential Buyers to succeed.
  • Dunes Advisors Agents are experts at the process. It is a long road trom identifying the Buyer to completing a sale, and we’ve navigated ail the pitfalls before. We’ll handhold the transaction from start to finish to ensure a smooth sale.
  • We’ve had lots of practice vetting potential Buyers. We’ll separate those who CLAIM they are qualified from those that ARE qualified.
  • On that note, Dunes has a vast database of interested, qualified Buyers who have trusted us for years to deliver quality ‘business opportunities. Frequently, our sales go to internal Buyers, which means less wasted time waiting around for that “right Buyer”.
  • Our agents and internal systems are all geared for the highest level of confidentiality. From our NIDAs to our Offer process, were wired for privacy.

Therets simply no substitute for experience… we have sold well over a thousand businesses!

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